When I arrived at Badger Meter in 2009, I took one look at their creative and knew something had to change — and fast. With the exception of their website, the balance of their marketing materials were extremely outdated and incongruous. It was a mishmash of bad everything.

Through the grace and diligence of their sales force and a dedication to product excellence, Badger Meter had a reputation of exceptional products and support. I tapped into this strength and revamped the company’s brand strategy to reflect this market position.

Borrowing graphic elements from our Mexican sales and marketing group (which had leveraged their elements from a previous annual report) and lifting copy from that same annual report, I got to work. “Every Drop Counts” was born.

Every Drop Counts

Every Drop Counts became the anchoring tag line for all marketing and sales efforts. It perfectly captured Badger Meter’s key element of success – instrumentation accuracy – while capitalizing on the ever increasing concern for environmental conservancy.

Our team laid the creative foundation for everything from technical documentation to proposal covers to promotional videos and everything in between. The “hand with the plant” became synonymous with Badger Meter and the company’s commitment to excellence.