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An Answering “Lead” Shot…

Lead-free-Ad-8-11-mediumAll is fair in love and war.

Lead in drinking water. It’s a big deal; rather reducing and eliminating lead content in potable (drinking) water plumbing products is now a federally mandated big deal here in the United States.

A Badger Meter competitor had launched a full-out media campaign proclaiming that said competitor had the only lead-free water meter on the market. This is simply NOT true. Badger Meter has, in fact, several low-lead and lead-free products on the market.

The Answering Volley

Position Badger Meter as THE thought leader in lead-free initiatives.

The Campaign

Lead-Free White paper – Outlines current and pending lead-free legislation

Engineered Polymer Meter White paper – Examines superior design and durability aspects of the Badger Meter engineered polymer (plastic) meter

Utility quick reference guide – Highlights legislation, effective dates, and states effected

Press release – Announcing availability of white paper, quick reference guide and website

Trade advertising – Full page print ads and online display ads

Website section

Major industry conference technical session presentation – Conducted by the marketing manager/subject matter expert. Content was manufacturer agnostic. All session feedback praised the marketing manager for her objectivity and factual presentation.

Trade show branding – Major translights carried the campaign graphic/branding

Sales channel education and sales tools – Included white papers, quick reference guide, FAQ and a modified copy of the technical session PowerPoint

The Result

Except for a section on the competitor’s website, their guns went silent within three months of launching the Badger Meter campaign.

The Power of Social Media

Okay…so the site is starting to come together. I wanted to document this process as part of being part of the WordPress community. I’m also using this blogging feature to illustrate my thinking process as a communications professional.

I’m setting up my site so that all of my portfolio samples are blog posts. This will allow user/potential clients to ask questions or comment on my projects. I’m not sure anyone else has used this approach yet. However, it should give potential clients some insight into my capabilities and enable a dialogue they may not have anywhere else.

Am I showing all of my cards? Probably. I’m not too worried. You also have to have the goods to back this up.


Oh…and the title of my post–

I posted six times yesterday. I haven’t socialized this little endeavor yet, but I already have two followers. Two hearty souls willing to hitch their wagons to this train. Thanks, Opinionated Man and Nate Ollie.

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