I am a Marketing Bad Ass. But, apparently, according to my resume and LinkedIn profile, I’m boring.

I know what you are thinking…

…Wow. That was one brave person. Not brave. Passionate.

I got an email from a local talent agency. Could I come in and chat? Sure.

“Your resume is boring.”

“I got a lot better feel for your personality and capabilities from your website. By the way, I like your website.”

Boring? “But I’ve got numbers to back up everything I’ve done. No one in this town has done what I have, let alone documented it with actual numbers.”

“I know. You need to tell me that. I want that spunk to come through.”


“Really. Let your true personality come through.”

So. Here’s the result.

I AM a Marketing Bad Ass.

Thank you, Erica Conway, of C2 Graphics. You are the best!! I’m so glad you love what you do!!