Capers-Island-mediumWe should be so lucky to experience the wind and sun on our faces, the sand beneath our feet, and the sound of the ocean. We all need a gentle reminder to stop and enjoy the things life gives us for free.

I have a passion for my work that makes almost any branding endeavor successful — and a pleasure to create and maintain.

In essence, I offer freedom. Rest easy knowing your marketing or digital branding projects are in good hands and are delivering the results you expect.

Why did I select this image for the home page of my professional website?

The answer is twofold.

  1. Hands down, these two are the most complicated, trying, and, conversely, rewarding projects I’ve ever worked on. My daughters. Nothing or no one puts things into perspective like your own offspring. They instill humility by the bucketfuls. If I can successfully wrangle these two, I can handle most things you throw my way.
  2. Look at how carefree and unencumbered they are. I try to bring that kind of joy to my work and to my client’s work everyday. If we don’t love what we are doing, why are we doing it at all?

Altruistic? You bet. Karma. It’s a good thing.